STORY telling vintage futurist


Vintage clothe are piece of history.

In the Futuro house :

they are travelling through de time,in a futuristic residence from the space,created by the architect Matti Suuronen in 1968.

 It presents a “vintage voyage”.

Here the first story telling in video :




Fashion is fascinating,


After working during 10 years in vintage, i wanted to tell the story of these particular clothe who’s a part of our cultural heritage.

The world of vintage is an endless exploration, with fantastic discoveries full of surprise witch brings you far away : in another era.

This notion is fundamental because the vintage is a time reference.

I selected designer’s pieces that have marked fashion to illustrate their intemporality character in the Futuro house.

They’ve been created in the past, still actual in the present and still pursuing the way from the futur, transcending the time.

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